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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! As promised, here are some before and after shots of the LM Mineral Powder, which I absolutely love. My main concern with face makeup is concealing the redness on my cheeks while keeping a natural, glowy finish that doesn't accentuate my dry skin and this foundation does an amazing job. Alone, it doesn't give me an absolutely flawless face but it provides a nice amount of coverage (you can still see my freckles).


As you can see, my skin is far from even. Its not awful and I can definitely get away with light-medium coverage but some evening out can make a ton of difference.


I am wearing a bit of blush in the pictures above but other than that and mascara, the only thing on my face is a tiny bit of under-eye concealer. During long work days I prefer to wear Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid underneath on my cheeks, nose, and chin and use the Eco Tools bronzer brush to buff the LM powder onto my face. This combo lasts amazingly well, about 12-14 hours. Alone, the powder probably lasts 8-10 hours depending on the weather. If you want fuller coverage with just the powder alone, the Real Techniques buffing brush is the way to go. To use it as a kind of setting powder, a fluffy brush or kabuki (mine is from ELF) gives a really light coverage. 

 My colour is Natural Beige

 This is what the sifter looks like
 As you can (kind of) see, I cut the seal sticker so only four holes are exposed so it doesn't fly everywhere.

 This is what the powder looks like.

Sorry there are so many pictures but I thought it would be helpful :). 
  • decent amount of coverage
  • feels and looks very light on the skin
  • comfortable wear
  • doesn't accentuate or increase dryness
  • leaves a glowy natural finish
  • has decent staying powder (remember my skin is dry!)
  • seems like the product will last a long time-9.6 grams of product and you don't need lots
  • packaging is quite nice (plastic but not cheap looking)
  • colour selection is decent
  • SPF 15
  • price
  • in Canada, you can only buy in person at Sephora stores (not online)
  • if you don't remember to leave some of the holes covered, it could make a mess

 Overall, I am very happy with this product and have been using it daily since it came home with me. I recommend trying it out with a sample or asking a MUA to apply it before you buy because some people seem to have an problem with it making their skin itch like mad. I find it really comfortable to wear and think it is the perfect lazy day foundation by itself. On top of other foundations it provides a bit extra coverage and glow and adds to the lasting power.

I'm happy to answer any other questions and hope you found this review helpful.
Thanks for reading :)

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