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Friday, 29 June 2012

An Ode to John Green

                    Hey guys, happy Friday! It's Canada Day weekend over here and I can't wait to get to the beach :). Today I wanted to share one of my new favourite writers. I have read all of John Green's work (five books in all) in the past couple of months and have fallen in love. Since I'm studying English Lit and Writing at school, I sometimes get sick of reading massive bricks of literature and want something a little more readable. John Green is classified as YA (Young Adult), which can be vague and alienating to different types of readers. I would recommend his books to anyone high school age or above, but age is really not a factor I consider for books.

                   I find myself flying through Green's books--they are the perfect mix of insightful, funny, sometimes sad, and really capture real life. Whenever I see people reading 50 Shades of Grey on the train, I want to pass them my copy of The Fault in Our Stars and see them read something that really matters. I really recommend checking out Forever Young Adult's reviews of these books, they are what drove me to buy them. I ordered from Amazon and most of them were available in paperback for about 10 dollars Canadian.

                  I would start with The Fault in Our Stars, it was my favourite. Don't be put off by the fact that it is about a teenager with terminal cancer, just do yourself a favour and pick it up for you or someone who loves to read. The characters are brilliant and the writing has probably the most realistic style and speech of any YA writer I've read. If you've seen the movie 50/50 (which I actually reviewed for my school's paper haha http://www.westerngazette.ca/2011/10/05/can-cancer-be-funny/) you'll understand the vibe.
If you do read any of John Green's books, please let me know how it goes :)

Have a great weekend,

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